Houston Bankruptcy Services

Houston Bankruptcy Services

Did you know that Bankruptcy is provided for in the United States Constitution? Bankruptcy can be a scary word, but many people don’t realize that the Federal Bankruptcy laws were created to help good people get a “fresh start” and pursue productive lives relieved from past financial problems. Bankruptcy can be an important alternative if you have more debt and stress than you can handle.

If you’re like most people, you want to pay your bills. But a major financial problem such as loss of a job, vehicle repossession, injury, divorce, family emergency, medical bills, or just plain bad luck can make it difficult, if not impossible. Everyone’s situation is different, and bankruptcy is not always the solution.

Your Options

Keeling Law Firm has been helping people in Houston with debt relief and debt counseling since 1986. We’ve helped thousands of families in Houston just like yours to get a fresh start and get on with their lives.

The Bankruptcy Code is divided into chapters. As a consumer debtor (as opposed to a business debtor), the chapters most likely to apply to you are Chapter 7, known as a “straight bankruptcy” and Chapter 13, which involves a debt repayment plan.

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