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Beware Foreclosure and Bankruptcy Scams

A sad part of the current economic situation is the rise in the number of scam artists preying on those who are in serious financial trouble and about to lose their homes.

Victims of the scammers pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars upfront for the assistance they desperately need but ultimately never receive. The scammers promise the moon but deliver little or nothing. They will claim they can fix your financial problems and “avoid bankruptcy”. The Federal bankruptcy laws are there to help you. Depending upon your exact circumstances, avoiding bankruptcy may be the worst decision you could make.

At Keeling Law Firm, we talk to victims of these scams on a daily basis.

Please be aware that there are no financial “miracle cures” that will stop foreclosure. The law is very specific about what a homeowner can do to stay in his or her home.

Please, before you give away your money to some scam artist, contact Keeling Law Firm for a free consultation. We will analyze your situation and give you correct legal advice on what you should do.