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  • Predator Credit Repair Companies Promise "Magic" Credit Improvement

Predator Credit Repair Companies Promise "Magic" Credit Improvement

So many good people are suffering from credit issues and this brings out the predators.

One of our clients recently received an unsolicited fax promising to raise their credit score by 127 points (why 127?) – plus, the promises included permanently removing bankruptcies, late payments, foreclosure, and more from their credit record, and all for only $89. Seems too good to be true, right?

At Keeling Law, as Houston bankruptcy lawyers helping Houstonians with debt relief and bankruptcy for over 25 years, we can say that these sort of solicitations are nonsense. Not only nonsense but fraudulent nonsense.

If you are having financial difficulties, please be aware that no one can simply erase bad credit for your credit report. Please do not send any money to these unscrupulous companies. We hear so many heartbreaking stories told by victims of the scams, down on their luck people who paid out their last dollar for promised debt relief that never happened.

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