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Houston IRS Debt Relief Lawyer

Houston IRS Debt Relief Lawyer

The IRS is a Giant, Complicated, Relentless Tax-Collecting Machine.

The IRS:

  • There are approximately 136,887,000 taxpayers1 in the United States.
  • The IRS collected approximately $2.692 trillion in taxes in 2014
  • Of the total collections, approximately $1.32 trillion was collected from individuals.
  • The IRS employs 82,2033 people.
  • Approximately 20,500 IRS3 employees are engaged in collection activities.
  • The median income for an individual in Texas is $42,908
  • The median IRS federal tax obligation for an individual in Texas is approximately 25% - about $10,7274.
  • The median income for a family of four in Texas is $71,973.
  • The mediation IRS federal tax obligation for an individual in Texas is approximately 25% - about $17,9934.

How Keeling Law Can Help With Your IRS Debt?

As a an IRS debt consolidation settlement attorney, Keeling Law Firm is able to answer all your questions. Taxes are often a financial problem. If you owe taxes to the IRS, you should consider seeking a payment plan to avoid collection procedures. If you cannot pay your tax obligations and other necessities of life, you likely need professional advice from an IRS attorney.

In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy liquidation or in a Chapter 13 reorganization, the various taxpayer obligations to the IRS may be determined to be dischargeable, non-dischargeable, priority, secured, unsecured, or combinations of the foregoing.

Do not assume there is nothing you can do. Get advice from one of our IRS lawyers. In a consumer bankruptcy context, we address IRS issues as they apply to consumers, their families, and, as appropriate, to privately-owned businesses. We work with taxpayers to determine how to handle IRS obligations in the context of the client's assets, other liabilities, and financial situation.

If you have an IRS debt that you cannot presently pay, you are welcome to contact Keeling Law Firm, schedule a no-cost appointment, and meet with one of our IRS attorneys. We will be pleased to review your situation with you.

An Important Caution from IRS Lawyers

Under existing law, failure to file a tax return within the time limitations set by the Internal Revenue Code (generally April 15 unless an extension is filed) will likely result in the tax debt being non-dischargeable in bankruptcy. It is important that tax returns be filed within the deadlines (and properly obtained extensions). To avoid a determination that a tax debt is not subject to discharge, the requirement is that the return be timely filed, not that the debt be paid. Tax returns should be timely filed, even if payment cannot be made when the tax return is filed!

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