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Over 1 million Americans seen losing homes in 2011

Yahoo News recently reported a growing bankruptcy trend that we too have noticed. Over the past several months, we have seen increasing numbers of families with financial burdens compared to the past several years. The article states “…After a record 1 million home foreclosures in 2010, this year is likely to be even worse.”

The economy still has many more unstable months before balancing out. During this time, people will still lose jobs while costs continue to increase. Refinancing is an option for those that can qualify. Families have cut costs as far as they can.

While increased bankruptcy filings do tend to mean increased business for us, we still see this as a negative situation. In a perfect world, bankruptcy attorneys like us wouldn’t exist. But, unfortunately sometimes life becomes complicated and situations don’t always favor hard-working people. Contact us today to see if bankruptcy makes sense for your situation.