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Credit Counseling


May be taken online or by phone. Complete Step 1 prior to filing your case. Step 2 must be taken within 30 days after filing.

David Peake’s Credit Counseling

Free, in-person debtor education course offered at various locations. This may be taken instead of Step 2 of the online credit counseling course ONLY if Mr. Peake is assigned as your Chapter 13 Trustee.

Courtroom locations

All appearances are now virtual. Please see instructions for virtual attendance at hearings and creditor meetings below:

  1. Join by video. Turn on your camera. (Video only—there will be no sound. You may be asked to type in your name.)
  2. Dial in by phone. You must dial 9 before the number to reach an outside line.
  3. Mute your phone until your case is called.

If you are connecting from your smartphone, download the app in advance.

  • Court meetings: GoToMeeting
  • Creditor meetings: Join.Me
  • Peake creditor meetings: Zoom


Creditor Meetings:

Wiliam Heitkamp:

David Peake:

  • Video: Zoom link provided prior to hearing.
  • Dial (on the phone): 1-866-919-0675, passcode 1129901


Judge Jones:

Judge Isgur:

Judge Lopez:

Judge Norman:

Judge Rodriguez:


Creditor Meetings:

Wiliam Heitkamp:


Judge Norman:

Electronic Payments (EPay)

Payment address for Chapter 13 Trustees – Use this option ONLY if you cannot access Epay. Send a cashier’s check, with your case number written on the top, by regular mail. Keep a copy of all payments mailed to your Chapter 13 Trustee.

  • William Heitkamp, Chapter 13 Trustee
    PO Box 740
    Memphis, TN 38101-0740
  • David Peake, Chapter 13 Trustee
    PO Box 2158
    Memphis, TN 38101-2158

Chapter 13 Inquiry - Monitor payments & track disbursements in your case

Loan Questionnaire – Required for obtaining a loan during a Chapter 13 bankruptcy

You must provide Mr. Peake’s office with all pay advices for the past 60 days, all tax returns filed during your bankruptcy case, and copy of your updated budget showing the new loan (please contact Keeling Law Firm regarding the budget).

General Chapter 13 Trustee Information

  • William Heitkamp
    Phone: 713-722-1200
    Fax: 713-722-1211
  • David Peake, Chapter 13 Trustee
    Phone number: 713-283-5400
    Fax number: 713-852-9084