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Vehicle Repossession Lawyer Houston

Vehicle Repossession Lawyer Houston

How to Get Your Vehicle Back in Repossession?

If your car or truck has been repossessed in Houston, it is possible to get your vehicle back if you act fast. Contact Keeling Law Firm to speak with a car repossession attorney in Houston for immediate assistance.

Most car loans include a provision where you agree to let the lender repossess the car if you fail to make a payment. After repossession, you still own the vehicle until the title is transferred by sale in a comercially reasonable manner. If you act quickly, Keeling Law Firm’s vehicle repossession lawyers in Houston can file a Chapter 13 proceeding on your behalf to obtain possession of your vehicle.

Your Car Repossession Attorney Houston, TX

If you want to learn how to stop truck repo or if repossession agents have taken your vehicle in Houston, you have a short time to reclaim it because a sale is usually set within the first two weeks after repossession.  

It is often possible to obtain possession of your vehicle and to pay amounts owed for the vehicle under the protection of the bankruptcy court through a Chapter 13 plan.

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