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Foreclosure Attorney in Houston, TX

Foreclosure Attorney in Houston, TX

How To Stop Foreclosure in Houston, TX

Did you know that by law, your mortgage company can foreclose with only 20 days' notice? If you are behind on your mortgage payments, your home is at risk of foreclosure. If you are wondering how to stop foreclosure in Houston, TX, or have any questions regarding this subject, contact our Houston foreclosure attorney now. 

What is Foreclosure?

Foreclosure involves a lawsuit in which a mortgage company, bank, or other lienholder seeks to take your property to satisfy a debt. The lender can take ownership of the property or have the property sold to pay off the debt. As a result of the foreclosure, as the owner, you lose whatever rights you had in the property. In other words, foreclosure is a process in which your home becomes the property of the lender.

If you as a homeowner fail to pay your mortgage loan on time, the lender that holds the mortgage on your house can bring a foreclosure against you. A foreclosure can also occur if you borrow money from a bank using your house as collateral and fail to pay. Our Houston foreclosure attorneys can help aid you in these types of situations.

In a foreclosure, you and your lender are both in a challenging situation and need a positive outcome: you want to keep your home, and your lender wants to keep receiving payments. Foreclosure proceedings usually start with a formal demand for payment, usually in the form of a letter from your lender. This letter is referred to as a Notice of Default (NOD). Contact a foreclosure attorney for more clarification if needed.

Where will you and your family live?

Keeling Law Firm’s Houston foreclosure attorneys can stop foreclosure immediately, so you can catch up on your payments.

If the mortgage company has stopped taking payments, the foreclosure process has already begun. Don’t wait until you lose your home. For a free consultation and evaluation, call Keeling Law Firm at 713-686-2222, or fill out the form to the right.

Attorney Foreclosure Help Houston

If you’ve received a NOD letter, don’t wait. Get foreclosure help today by calling us today at 713-686-2222 for your free consultation. One of our Houston foreclosure attorneys will meet with you at no cost to answer your questions and help you determine the correct approach to solving your debt problems. Stop foreclosure in Houston, TX, and contact us today for a free consultation with a Houston foreclosure attorney and evaluation of your situation at 713-686-2222, or fill out the form to the right.